Catch As Catch Can

A once in a lifetime offer

Martin “Oz” Austwick

  • Assistant Coach – Scientific Wrestling
  • Catch Wrestling Coach at Team Kaobon Hampshire
  • Founder member of HEMAC
  • Creator of The Noble Science Event
  • One of only 17 people in the UK certified by Billy Robinson
  • 4th degree Blackbelt
  • International Instructor

Hi, how’re you doing? I’m Oz.

I’ve been teaching martial arts for over 30 years and for the last 13 I’ve been heavily involved in Catch Wrestling.

One year ago I was asked to start coaching traditional Catch as Catch Can Wrestling at the incredible Malin Martial Arts Centre, the home of Team Kaobon Hampshire.

I run a fairly successful YouTube channel where I talk about traditional English fighting systems, and I’m regularly asked by people where they can learn Catch. The sad fact is that for most people there simply isn’t anywhere.

I travelled all over the country, driving for up to 6 hours in both directions for a single class when I first got into the amazing art that catch is. But in reality that’s simply not possible for many people.

And so I had an idea.

Over the last year I have put together a nice syllabus for people wanting to learn what we affectionately call “The Violent Art”

I’ve taught freestyle wrestlers, BJJ athletes, HEMA practitioners, traditional martial artists, and absolute beginners. and every single one of them, man woman, old or young, has upped their game more than I thought possible when I first started to teach.

But here’s the thing.

I need your help.

You see the internet is full of online courses, and almost every single one of them fails to hit its potential.

It’s not that the person or team creating the course isn’t good enough to teach it, they almost always are. It’s just that teaching online is very different from teaching in person.

And I want to make sure I get this right from the very beginning.

I want to put together a small team of people who will work with me in order to get this course right, and get it out to as many people as possible over the next few years. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or how experienced in Catch as Catch Can you are. The whole point of this course is that you learn the system I have been developing and teaching over the last decade and a half.

And as you learn it, you help me make sure everyone else can learn it effectively too. So every lesson you do, I need your feedback on.

I need to know what works, what doesn’t. What is clear, and what is not. I need to know which bits you found easy, and which you found hard.

I need a team of people I can trust, to work through this material, and make sure that together we create the best Catch as Catch Can instruction on the internet

So what do you get?

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials for each stage of the training syllabus.  Each technique, or theoretical concept has its own video and every month a new set of videos becomes available.

Supporting PDFs

Videos are fantastic for demonstrating technique, but by themselves often don’t do everything they need to. Each video will have a supporting PDF which highlights the key points, to enable you to put the lessons into practice without having to keep stopping every few seconds to scroll backwards and forwards through a video. And unlike videos the PDFs are printable!

Learning Goals

Each month has learning goals for you to work towards so you know when you’re ready to move on to the next set of lessons.

and that’s just from the first course!

As a member of my Editorial Group you get lifetime access to every single course I ever run on this site. Not just this flagship Monthly Subscription course.

Every single one.  

I’m already planning several stand-alone courses, one on conditioning and fitness for wrestling, one on developing devastating top pressure, and a few deep dive courses on techniques like the double wrist lock, and Nelson holds.

You get every ebook I ever write for the site.  Every video I make, and access to every learning resource I create.

My goal is to make the very best online resource for learning traditional catch in the world. And you’ll have it all.

For life.

I can’t give this away for free, but I have made it as cheap as I can.  So if you’re the kind of person who would like to learn traditional Catch as Catch Can Wrestling without having to pay a regular, recurring, monthly fee then this is for you.

Once you’ve signed up I’ll add you to a special email list where I can let you know about all the different courses and videos you have access to as they come out, and also a private Discord Community where we can discuss the syllabus, the videos, the PDFs, and everything else we need to.

I’m limiting this to a very small number of people, and as soon as I have enough I’ll be closing this offer down, so don’t leave it too long!

I should probably tell you what it costs…


But if you’d like to be kept in the loop for future offers, or for when we launch our online training courses please sign up to our newsletter.

In case you’re wondering if it’ll be worth it, here are some things people have said about other online courses I have run.

Oz’s teaching style is excellent and he is a master of breaking complicated techniques into very simple drills. His online course exemplifies this with an elegant combination of explanatory videos, pictures of the original manuscripts and transcriptions as well as well-structured goals to ensure achievement and progression. I highly recommend both his online courses and getting tuition from the man himself.

Dave T

The course is straightfoward as the instructional videos Oz Austwick published in Youtube: simple and meaningfull. He tells what have to be told to transmit the knowledge but without overvaluing the ‘mystical obscure biomechanical secret art’.

Rafael R

 I’m am only in month 1 at the moment however its extremely well put together compared to other on-line courses I have used. It gives a beginner like me everything I need to know step by step with clear video instructions. Thoroughly enjoying it and I am looking forward to the coming months! Can’t wait!

Scott P

I’Il will be recommending this course to my fellow students.

Mark R

Oz’s course is perfect for anyone like myself with no or next to no experience in martial arts. He is clear and precise in his instructions and his enthusiasm, knowledge and talent come across in spades. The whole package of instructions, drills and conditioning exercises mean I can’t wait for the next installments.

Andrew H

In this course Oz has bought together a lifetime of research, an abundance of talent and boundless enthusiasm to create a syllabus that will appeal to novice and martial arts expert alike. His focus on getting the basics right in the skills films provides a solid foundation for rehearsing later with drills. Complimentary conditioning helps the student develop the physical stamina and strength to make the system truly effective. All delivered by one of the nicest blokes you could meet.

Rob C

This course represents not just another collection of drills and interesting points, but a complete martial arts system with a track record stretching back hundreds of years. This course is perfect for someone who has no idea how to start; but it’s also perfect for a seasoned martial artist who wants to add an additional fighting style behind his or her name. Oz delivers with clarity and directness– his knowledge and capability come through with each instruction. Thorough, practical and historic are the words that come to mind when I watch Oz’s material. If you can’t make this work, nothing else will help you! I highly recommend it.

Ken H